Supply of Parts and Equipment

Alternative Compressors (Open type and semi-hermetic)

Screw Compressors (Open type and semi-hermetic)

Scroll compressors

Heat Exchangers (Condensers and Evaporators)

Compact Systems - Rooftop, Wall and Skid

Condensing Units

Cold chamber

Air Conditioners: Chiller, Fan Coil, Self-Contained and Split

Ducts, Dampers, Air Filters and Accessories

Fans and Exhaust Fans (Centrifugal and Axial)

Thermal insulation

Thermostatic and Electronic expansion valves

Solenoid valves

Pressure regulating valves

Ball valve

Electronic Plates

Oil filter, Air filter & filter dryer

Liquid and oil separators

Pressure Gauges, Thermostats, Pressure Switches

Flexible tube and Muffle

Electrical components (contactor, inverters, relays)